Welcome to Northampton Literature Group

The only group in the county dedicated to wider consideration of the written word.

Northampton Literature Group (NLG) encompasses three circles:

Poetry Appreciation



Each explores some (not all) of the forms the written word can take and the various ways we can interact with them.

Poetry Appreciation Circle

The Poetry Appreciation Circle engages in group critiquing and reading aloud. It looks at published poets. While members are invited to bring along their own selections from published work, they do not present their own written poetry.

For more details, go to NLG Circles.

The Reading Circle

The Reading Circle investigates the published novel through solitary reading, group discussion and critiquing. Members read one nominated book a month.

For more details, go to NLG Circles and calendar

The Writing Circle

The Writing Circle follows solitary writing, group writing and critiquing, exploration of literary forms and genres. Writing assignments are given at each meeting for presentation at the next.

For more details, go to NLG Circles.

The NLG meets at the Friends’ Meeting House, Wellington Street, Northampton, NN1 3AS.
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A pay and display car park is next to the Meeting House.

Membership for all or any of the circles is £30 a year.

To apply for membership or for more information, please contact us or the Chair, Mike Richards.

You can also find us on meetup.com.